The Future at X1

TL;DR - We’re stepping up our game and adding a bunch of new things. We hope you like them!

For anyone that has been by the lounge over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some changes. Furniture has been moved, signage is getting updated, there’s a real soap dispenser in the bathroom. As we approach our second anniversary of being Providence’s premier gaming venue, it was time to put a little polish down. We have more planned and some of them start this week. Let me introduce you:

Introducing X1 Rewards

The more you play, the more you earn. Game play time bought becomes game time earned with X1 Rewards. Earn points towards tournament venue fees, headset rentals and more. Get all the details by clicking the button below.

Simpler Name, Better Social

Names are hard. They are harder when they look different every place you go. Online and by the players that know us best, we’re called X1. In order to match that, we’re dropping the “Elite” and making it simple. We’re now simply X1 Gaming Lounge. Our website and social media accounts have all been updated to be the same @x1gaminglounge. Don’t forget to hit us up.

More Challengers Approach

For every event we post, we get asked “when are you going to run this other game?” Well, the answer is now. Every Thursday, starting February 14th, we’ll be running special promotions or smaller tournaments for our most requested games. Currently FIFA, Fortnite, Madden and CoD top the list. You bring the crowd, we can make those into signature Sunday events in the future.

Additionally, we’ll be running promos every Thursday. Keep an eye on the event calendar for each week’s special so you don’t miss out.

Learn from LordXav1er

X has been a staple here at X1. He supports our tournaments and events while being a top challenger. This year, he’s looking to take on some students looking to improve their skills in some of the most popular fighter titles. Schedule a session here at X1 and discover new ways to defeat your opponents.

X1 Analog

The best games aren’t always digital. We’re looking to expand into new gaming types. Board games, tabletop RPG and TCG nights are around the corner. We’re looking for talented DMs and card game organizers interested in helping get this started.

These are just some of the exciting things we are adding to X1 as we look to the future. We want to be Rhode Island’s premier gaming destination and hope you’ll be a part of the journey to get there.

Andrew Desjardin